The VoiceOver Insider

VOI_screenshotSince 2005, I’ve been publishing a news magazine for voiceover talents called The FREE VoiceOver Insider. At first this news magazine was distributed as a .pdf, sent each month to a list of more than 3,000 subscribers. In 2013, we discontinued the “print” version of the VoiceOver Insider and moved to an online format, which you’ll find at .

The VoiceOver Insider is edited and produced by Gary MacFadden, a recovering journalist and not-for-profit executive who entered the voiceover industry about four years ago. Together we sift through what’s happening in the voiceover industry, and bring you how-to items, news bits, and stories that get into the depth of what’s going on in voiceover. Plus, we’ve got a “stable” of voice-over professionals who will give you their take on everything from designing your home studio to how to best market your voiceover skills.

One thing that has remained the same about the VoiceOver Insider is that it’s still FREE! So you’ve got no reason not to signup as a subscriber, so we can tell you when we’ve posted new articles and other items at the site. Again, the link to the site is; drop by for the latest voiceover industry news.

You can also subscribe to this FREE voiceover news magazine by signing up today, and receive automatic e-mails when we update the articles and news pieces.

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