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Proven Techniques for Voice-Over Success is a home study course jam packed with hours of information and coaching. A joint effort of Julie Williams and the Seattle Voice Institute, this comprehensive class teaches proven fundamentals and advanced voice-over techniques.  Currently available in electronic version, only. Note: If you buy this product you will not need to buy Medical Mumbo. This is an all inclusive program. Proven Techniques for Voice-Over Success $100 


Medical Mumbo CD GraphicMedical Mumbo is a 2-CD advanced narration workshop that helps skilled talent—not just in the medical/technical realm, but in all areas of narration. The focus is on medical narration because that can be the most difficult genre. The problem most talent—even the top coaches in the world—have with handling medical narration is that they think it’s about the terminology. It’s not about the words! It’s about telling the story—even when you aren’t quite sure what the story is! It’s highly recommended that inexperienced talent (talent who make less than, perhaps, $30,000/year) listen to Proven Voice-Over Techniques first. Those who purchase Proven Techniques for Voice-Over Success will not need this program.  Currently available in electronic version. Medical Mumbo $50