Demo Production

Demo sessions include:

  • All scripts provided, (except audiobook demo scripts),
  • Performance direction during actual recording session (usually 1-2 hours.)
  • Supervision of post- production from a top producer.

Julie’s demo production rates are:

  • $1600 for one demo
  • $2300 for two demos
  • $3200 for three demos

For more details feel free to email Julie at anytime!

**Note: Julie’s rates are among the lowest in the industry—but the results are top quality. So don’t let the prices fool you! She keeps her rates extremely reasonable to give back to the industry that has provided for her for decades.

Julie does not produce demos in all genres. If you want a demo or training in a genre she feels someone else is better suited to produce for you, she will refer you to that other coach or demo producer. Other coaches may have higher prices for demos.

Julie will hesitate to produce a demo for a talent whom she has not coached. She absolutely will not produce a demo for a talent who she does not feel is ready to be competitive in the industry.

For more details, sample demos,  or to ask about having Julie produce your professional demo, feel free to email anytime!