Julie Williams: VoiceOver Life Coach

Julie_Welcome_image2Whether you’re just getting into the exciting world of voiceover,  or you’re a seasoned pro with thousands of voice-overs to your credit, you may not know the difference between a “voice-over teacher” and a “voice-over coach.” There is a difference, and it’s not just a matter of semantics. I am a Coach. Click HERE to see the difference.

As a voice-over professional for close to 40 years—I’ve learned a thing or two! And having been a radio air personality for 38 years, I also know what it takes to make the jump from the radio industry—to the radically different voice-over industry.   I specialize in narration, eLearning, commercial, and audiobook narration,  but I also do a fair amount of political and infomercial work.

And I’m available to coach you privately, via Zoom, on a regular basis.  To hear what some pretty well known talents and students have to say about my coaching, just check out my bio.